(March 23, 2021 from Brian Olsen) – The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is proud to announce the race dates for the “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” in 2021.

The “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” will consist of three races that are part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship season in 2021. The racetracks and dates of the ‘Shootout’ are All-American Speedway on May 22nd, Kern County Raceway on June 26th and Stockton Speedway on August 14th.

The May 22nd All-American Speedway race will be 147 laps in distance and will pay $8,000 to the winner. The leader bonus on lap 27 will be $1,000, and the leader bonus on lap 127 will also be $1,000. Like all three of the “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” events, any driver who qualifies in the top eight and elects to start at the rear of the field will be eligible for a $5,000 bonus for winning.

On June 26th, round two of the “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” will be at Kern County Raceway. The 100-lap event will pay $10,000 to the winner with a $1,000 leader bonus on lap 27. Once again, if an eligible driver elects to start at the rear of the field, there will be a $5,000 bonus for winning.

On August 14th, 227 laps will be the race distance at Stockton 99 Speedway and a $10,000 payday to win. JM Environmental will award two Hoosier tires to each team that makes the main event and will award $1,000 to the leader at lap 127. There will be a break at lap 127 where teams can take on four tires. The $5,000 start from the back bonus will be in place.

Note; If no driver claims the start from the rear bonus before the Stockton event, then the bonus will be $15,000 for that event.

“OK ladies and gentlemen, 2020 is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Let’s make our ‘21 season a great story to tell, ‘For those about to rock we salute you’…’What do you do for money honey’…and I just wanna go fast. Cowboy hats for all… Saddle up and let’s get it on! See you at the speedway.” stated JM Environmental’s owner, John Moore.

In addition to the $45,000 in support and bonuses over the three races, JM Environmental will also be providing a unique trophy that will be presented to each winner, along the traditional cowboy hats to all drivers who make the main event. The

JM Environmental Wild West Shootout events will also feature some special race procedures, including “Competition Cautions” every 40 green flag laps (except for the final 25 laps), no invert after qualifying and no single file restarts.

“We can’t thank John (Moore) and JM Environmental enough for making these events happen in 2021. Their support last season made a huge difference in saving our season. The prize money, bonus money and unique race procedures will really set these races apart from the rest of our schedule.” commented the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series’ Brian Olsen. “Can’t wait to get to All American Speedway on May 22 and see which driver is going to take the Start-from-the-Back Challenge!”

For more information on the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series go to www.SRLSouthwestTour.com.