ROSEVILLE, CALIF. (May 30, 2020) – We wanted to provide an update on our requests for practice at the All American Speedway. On Friday afternoon, we had our fifth request for practices declined. We are required to receive approval from Dr. Amy Sisson, Public Health Director for Placer County.

Here is the latest response we received from Dr. Sisson:
“No sector or activity can resume operation until the State has posted guidance for how to do so safely on its website. The governor refers to this as the “how.” Once the State has posted guidance for a sector on its website, it is up to each local health officer to determine when that sector can resume operations—this is the “when.” The State has not posted any guidance for how entertainment venues like the All American Speedway can safely resume…no county can move any faster than the State allows.”

Until the state provides additional guidance, we are unable to resume activities at the speedway. We felt we should share with you that we are pushing hard. All American Speedway appreciates the efforts of the racers and the support from our fans and sponsors. We understand how much we all have invested in the speedway and we are doing all we can to return as soon as possible.

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