ROSEVILLE, Calif. (June 18, 2023) – Loomis’ Kenna Mitchell drove to her third career NASCAR Berco Redwood Pro Late Model feature win before a packed house on Saturday night during the Velocity Solar at All American Speedway. Mitchell outfoxed a field full of champion drivers in the 50-lap feature on a warm evening @the Grounds in Roseville. Photo by Don Thompson

Mitchell kicked off the activities by leading time trials before lining up third for the main event. 2020 All American Speedway Jr. Late Model champion Aidan Daniels of Fort Bragg lined up alongside his 14-year-old brother Trey Daniels, the 2022 Jr. champion, for the main event.

Aidan Daniels led the first lap of competition while the top-seven drivers lined up in a train behind him. Trey Daniels slipped behind Mitchell and Roseville’ Josh Whitfield within the first few laps. Trey Daniels then battled with Madera champion Jason Aguirre of Atwater for the fourth position. The race was slowed on lap 25 for a scheduled competition caution.

Lane Anderson of Fort Bragg and Aguirre crashed hard on the front stretch on lap 28. Anderson and Aguirre were able to return after repairs but were unable to contend for the overall win.

Mitchell seized the lead from Aidan Daniels on the inside line on the restart to lead lap 29. Whitfield then took over second on lap 34. Aidan Daniels tried to drive back to Whitfield but got tight in turn one, allowing 16-year-old Ethan Nascimento to look inside for third.

Nascimento and Daniels raced side-by-side for several laps before contact on the front stretch led to Daniels hitting the wall on lap 47. Mitchell fended off a furious challenge over the final three lap shootout from Whitfield to grab victory followed by Trey Daniels, Anderson, and Aguirre.

The NASCAR Velocity Solar Modifieds continued their battles for local, state, regional, and national titles with twin 30-lap features. Rick Andersen of North Highlands and Tyler Wentworth split the lucrative open-wheeled action.

Wentworth led time trials and lined up third in the opening feature, behind a front row of Luke Kaper of Lincoln and Andersen. Andersen made quick work of the first 30-lap affair, leading wire-to-wire for a 3.015 second advantage at the checkered flag. Wentworth finished second followed by Nick Lyons of Loomis. Cody Rickard of Lincoln won a spirited battle with Kaper for fourth.

Rickard led the opening lap of the second 30 lapper before Sacramento’s Don Shalla, Kaper, and Groveland’s Samuel Winkler spun to a stop in turn three. Wentworth restarted on the outside of Rickard and seized the lead on lap four. Andersen used the outside to take second and Lyons followed suit for third.

Andersen stayed within arm’s length of Wentworth throughout the event but couldn’t capitalize. Wentworth earned his third win of the year followed by Andersen, Lyons, Rickard, and Dan Farrington in his series debut.

Roseville’s Josh Whitfield continued to excel in the NAPA Riebes Auto Parts Super Stocks division, winning the 30-lap contest for his fourth win of the season. Dixon’s Tim Walters led the opening six laps before Whitfield was able to take the lead on the inside on the backstretch to lead lap seven. Walters, Phil Wilkins of Roseville, and Roy Smith of Roseville ran closely for the second position during the entire race. Whitfield, Walters, Wilkins, Smith, and Antelope’s Terry Thomas were the top-five finishers.

A frantic F4 feature saw 2021 champion Matthew Fuhs of Roseville become the fourth different race winner of the season after 30-laps of battling. Fuhs and Vic Theberge of Citrus Heights raced side-by-side for the first three laps before Fuhs had the lead in hand on lap four. The lead pack ran two-by-two for second behind Fuhs. They approached lapped traffic on lap 18 and Rocklin’s John Sproule nabbed second position.

Sproule appeared poised to run down Fuhs but went underneath the 16.5 second breakout rule and had to take a stop and go on the backstretch, falling to tenth. The caution flew on lap 26 for smoke underneath Matthew Shepherd’s automobile.

Theberge drove past Fuhs on the outside to take the lead on the restart. Fuhs raced inside of Theberge in turn four coming to the white flag, retaking the top spot on lap 29. Fuhs held on for victory while Mario Novelli of Orangevale and Sproule also overhauled Theberge before the finish. Roseville’s Ray Molina overcame trouble in the heat race to finish fifth.

11-year-old Vito Cancilla of Martinez won the 30-lap AAMCO of Auburn Jr. Late Model main event. Cancilla led the way through several restarts. A late caution set up a four-lap sprint to the finish. Former Mini Cup champion Colton Nelson of Auburn attempted to battle for the lead, but fishtailed on the backstretch and slammed the wall. Cancilla dashed away for his second win of the year followed by Nelson, Bella Thomsen of El Dorado Hills, and Dayton Broyles of Roseville.

Roseville’s Loren Chitwood earned a coveted victory in the NAPA Riebes Trailer Bash worth $1,000. Chitwood avenged a narrow late race loss from the May 20th round to win the “Edge of Summer” event. Brent “Muddy” Waters won the Best Looking Car while Zach Canadas of Orland continued his reign as the Master of Disaster.

Racing returns to the Placer County Fair on June 24 with NASCAR JM Environmental Wild West Super Series, Velocity Solar Modifieds, NAPA Riebes Super Stocks, and F4s in action. Tickets are available at

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June 24 NASCAR PLACER COUNTY FAIR –JM Environmental Wild West Super Series Late Models, Velocity Solar Modifieds, NAPA Riebes Super Stocks, F4s

Sept 9 NASCAR TRIBUTE TO HEROES – JM Environmental Wild West Super Series Late Models, Berco Redwood Pro Late Models, Velocity Solar Modifieds, Riebes / NAPA Auto Parts Super Stocks, F4s, AAMCO of Auburn Jr. Late Models, Legends Tour Series, Trailer Bash

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NASCAR Velocity Solar Night Results – June 17, 2023 All American Speedway (Roseville, Calif.)

Berco Redwood Pro Late Model A Feature 1 (50 Laps): 1. 7-Kenna Mitchell[3]; 2. 00-Josh Whitfield[5]; 3. 3-Trey Daniels[2]; 4. 44-Lane Anderson[4]; 5. 45A-Jason Aguirre[6]; 6. 8X-Aiden Daniels[1]; 7. V5-Ethan Nascimento[9]; 8. 6-Bella Thomsen[8]; 9. 45-Colton Nelson[7]

Velocity Solar Modified A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 11A-Rick Andersen[2]; 2. 17-Tyler Wentworth[3]; 3. 43-Nick Lyons[9]; 4. 24-Cody Rickard[5]; 5. 39-Luke Kaper[1]; 6. 18-Dan Farrington[6]; 7. 76-Don Shalla[4]; 8. 4A-Samuel Winkler[8]

Velocity Solar Modified A Feature 2 (30 Laps): 1. 17-Tyler Wentworth[7]; 2. 11A-Rick Andersen[8]; 3. 43-Nick Lyons[6]; 4. 24-Cody Rickard[5]; 5. 18-Dan Farrington[3]; 6. 39-Luke Kaper[4]; 7. 76-Don Shalla[2]; 8. 4A-Samuel Winkler[1]

NAPA Riebes Super Stocks A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 00-Josh Whitfield[3]; 2. 32X-Tim Walters[1]; 3. 99-Phil Wilkins[2]; 4. 7-Roy Smith[4]; 5. 74-TERRY THOMAS JR[5]; 6. 22-Wade Volzz[8]; 7. 9-Harry Lambert[10]; 8. 07-Christian Brenson[11]; 9. 20-Timm Williams[6]; 10. 10-THORNHILL LARRY[7]

F4s A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 24-Matthew Fuhs[2]; 2. 18C-Mario Novelli[5]; 3. 74-John Sproule[4]; 4. 21-Vic Theberge[1]; 5. 11-Ray Molina[3]; 6. 40-Kameron Bair[7]; 7. 7-Jeremy Pruitt[6]; 8. 15-Dan Cherry[8]; 9. 88-Tony Davis[10]; 10. 12-Vikki Theberge[13]; 11. 13-Stephanie Ziebell[12]; 12. 61-Tony Beno[14]; 13. 62-Jose Hernandez[11]; 14. 76-Matt Shepherd[9]

AAMCO of Auburn Jr. Late Models A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. V5-Vito Cancilla[3]; 2. 45-Colton Nelson[2]; 3. 6-Bella Thomsen[1]; 4. 25-Dayton Broyles[4]